The Second Law, Lynn Dayton Thriller #3 by L. A. Starks

"[...] unremitting suspense throughout...Spirited characters, both good and bad, populate this engaging, often surprising thriller."

      -–Kirkus Review

[...] a compelling thriller that's hard to put down, absorbingly powerful in both characterization and plot and filled with satisfying twists and turns ... Readers who enjoy stories of mystery, murder, mayhem and espionage will relish the intricate, complex yet highly accessible series of events THE SECOND LAW unfolds.

      --D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Rating: 9.50/10.00 in Fiction/Mystery/Thriller. "The characters are well developed, with their own memorable voices."

      ---The BookLife Prize

Readers who enjoy real science and technology in their fiction will find accurate backdrops to this globetrotting mystery-thriller...

      -–Amy Rogers, ScienceThrillers.com

THE SECOND LAW wins the 2019 Texas Authors 1st Place Award for Best International Thriller!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. A brilliantly up-to-date thriller that entertains as well as educates.

      ---The Prairies Book Review

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Strike Price, Lynn Dayton Thriller #2 by L. A. Starks

dialogue is quick and punchy ... Starks handles the pacing and suspense masterfully ... An often gripping novel with a determined heroine, a high body count and a mysterious villain.

      ---Kirkus Review

"STRIKE PRICE takes the reader from Oklahoma Indian reservations to the streets of Florence, in an imaginative and well informed fusion of oil refining economics, Native American politics, and the potential for lethal mayhem in the global energy market."

      Michael Ennis - - - author of New York Times bestseller, The Malice of Fortune

"Ms. Starks has an eye for detail and richly paints a picture of the Oklahoma landscape and its people. The insight given through the killers mind is especially riveting, as the reader will be far into the story before everything falls together and the killer is unmasked."

      Literary R&R

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13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy, Lynn Dayton Thriller #1 by L. A. Starks

“A knockdown conspiracy. Starks has made an impressive debut with the command, passion, and insight of an insider.”

      Michael Lucker - - - executive producer, Lucky Dog Filmworks

“The characters are well developed, the plot twists are interesting, dialogue sharp and well crafted... I want to read more Lynn Dayton stories... If you are into thrillers, you will like 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY.”

      Beth - - - Pure Textuality

Rating: Excellent “Author L A. Starks delivers an unstoppable thriller that put this reviewer in mind of bestselling novels of this genre over the last several decades, with the welcome addition of depth... When the reader turns the final page of 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY, it will be with an understanding and education gleaned smoothly and without strain or difficulty. This is truly a book which will linger in the reader's mind long after the final ending, as we wonder: “What if?” ... 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY is a thriller whose potentials are altogether too probable to ignore.”

      Annie - - - Euro-Reviews

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13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy

Strike Price (E-Book)

The Second Law

Texas Association of Authors Book Award Winner

THE SECOND LAW wins the 2019 Texas Authors 1st Place Award for Best International Thriller