Winner’s Curse: A Lynn Dayton Thriller

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From author and global energy expert L.A. Starks, comes Winner’s Curse – a pulse pounding new thriller that will grab and hurl you through the eye-opening and unexpectedly dramatic world of the oil and gas sector.  While taking you from the desolate, windswept plains of west Texas to the salons of Hungary, Starks expertly infuses her insider knowledge of this trillion-dollar industry, and her experiences of being female in a male dominated field into this stand alone, science adventure.

The first-ever woman to lead the drilling division of TriCoast Energy, protagonist Lynn Dayton is determined to prove herself capable but finds herself facing more than just the usual water cooler backstabbing.

Undercutting her at every turn is former TriCoast Executive, Henry Vandervoost, who blames her for his humiliating fall from power. Ruthlessly competing with Lynn for control of Bradshaw Energy, his own playboy son’s company that has revolutionary energy technology, Vandervoost enlists the help of attractive young chemist Hannah Bosko to assist him in taking over the company.

Lynn must battle Vandervoost and international power players who conspire to eliminate her and her colleagues, foil conspiracies to sabotage natural gas plants and complete a merger that will ensure that the technology remains in the hands of those that will use it to benefit the world.

Winner’s Curse is an energy technothriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.