Other Publications

“What Each of Us Can Do About the Energy Crisis”, expert viewpoint article, summer 2001: San Antonio Express-News, June 21st; Houston Chronicle, June 25th.

Co-author, Crude Quality Model Reference Manual (software design and 200-page internal company manual), 1994.

“Comparison of Tax Policies for Offshore Petroleum Exploration in Five Countries,” unpublished industry study (1990).

“How Superconductor Applications Will Affect Oil and Gas Demand” Oil and Gas Journal, Dec. 14, 1987.

“Selecting Natural Gas Markets,” Natural Gas, January 1987.

“Economic Performance of Oil Projects Evaluated by Modified IRR,” Oil and Gas Journal, April 22, 1985.

Policy and economic studies: oil shale, solar energy.

13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy

Strike Price (E-Book)

The Second Law

Texas Association of Authors Book Award Winner