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Reading and Discussion Questions for Strike Price

by L. A. Starks

Discussion Questions (click here for a printable version)

  1. How is Strike Price protagonist Lynn Dayton an Everywoman and how is she unique?

  2. What are Lynn Dayton's positive and negative attributes? How do they affect her ability as an investigator? What do you think motivates her?

  3. Starks considers conflict the engine of good fiction. What conflicts do you see in Strike Price?

  4. Which scenes resonate most for you? Why? What are the most suspenseful moments?

  5. Thrillers are factual, reality-based stories, but fictional in that they have an element of myth. Which elements or scenes in Strike Price seemed as if they could happen in real life? Where did you see the stretch into myth—something like the proverbial 25th hour of a day?

  1. Starks also works in energy economics and investing. Were the business and technical aspects of the book too much, just right, or did you want even more?

  2. From a setting standpoint, what did Strike Price tell you about Florence? About London? About Oklahoma? About the Cherokee Nation?

  3. What was your reaction to the historical notes?

  4. What roles do Lynn's father, Jesse Drum, and Greg Sutton play in the plot?

  5. What did you think of the antagonists? Who are they, and how do they differ from one another?

  6. Do you know anyone like The Whippet (the wedding planner)?

  7. How do you feel about Riley Stevens? Did your feelings change in the course of the book?

  8. When did you figure out who the “I” character is? How?

  9. Amazon Shorts published Starks' short story, “A Time for Eating Wild Onions,” that forms the background for Pete's father, Pete, and Jesse (Mitch Oowatie was the original name for the character who is now Jesse Drum. Jack Whitecloud's last name evolved to Whitehawk). What was your reaction to Jesse's revelation in Strike Price that he blamed himself for Pete's father's death?

  10. What surprised you in the book?

  11. Secrets and their unveilings form the core of mysteries and thrillers but also of romance novels and literary fiction. What secrets are revealed here?

  12. What do you see as the message or theme of Strike Price?