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Reading and Discussion Questions for The Second Law

by L. A. Starks

  1. What surprised you most in THE SECOND LAW?
  2. What is your view of protagonist Lynn Dayton? How is she an Everywoman? In what ways is she a timeless character? How is she unique to the present?
  3. What’s your reaction antagonist Cong Li? To cybersecurity pro Kanak Singh?
  4. Who was your favorite character?
  5. When did you figure out the identity of the Viper?
  6. California promotes green energy over hydrocarbon energy—if you were writing the book, would you have set the California scenes in a different location?
  7. How are you encountering the IOT (Internet of Things) now, in your daily life?
  8. What are the most suspenseful moments? What was your favorite scene?
  9. Conflicts are the engines of plot. What conflicts do you see in THE SECOND LAW?
  10. Starks uses several different locational settings in THE SECOND LAW. Which ones did you like most?
  11. What do you see as the theme or message of THE SECOND LAW?
Fascinating! Lynn Dayton faces dangerous situations, professional killers, and world terrorists...We learn, while being thrilled.”--Alain Bensoussan

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